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"An audience is never wrong. An individual member of it may be an imbecile, but a thousand imbeciles together in the dark -- that is critical genius."

Billy Wilder

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Welcome to Life is a Cinema.

If you're new to this space, it's exactly what it appears to be: a loosely-organized collection of movie reviews (300 words or less) that will – in theory – help you select the best movies to watch. Because what you watch matters. Especially in the current pop-culture environment, which recycles itself at a whirlwind pace, but also offers unique tools enabling you to be “better watched” than ever before.

This site does not provide industry news, box office analysis or cheerleading of any kind – this is not a "fan" site in any way, shape or form. As the site's subtitle suggests, we all work in the film industry. And yes, we due consider ourselves outliers. Not due to the nature of our jobs (on the contrary, we all work in talent representation for some of the industry's most prominent companies), but rather because we think about our business in different terms when compared to many of our peers.

The film industry, once a business run by mavericks and visionaries, has become too corporate and too risk-averse, and as a result the quality of mainstream studio-level filmmaking has suffered. Sadly, a lack of honest film criticism has become complicit in this decline. Far too often the failing movie industry puts immense pressure on publications and journalists to essentially be paid shills, dangling financially beneficial press junkets and other perks as their encouragement. In recent years there has been a prevailing sentiment that the film industry and its blockbuster mentality is "too big to fail." But that is a dangerous path to take and a course correction is needed.

To this end, we are hoping that Life is a Cinema satisfies a niche need for an unfiltered commentary on film. We will keep the reviews short, but more importantly, we'll keep them honest.

Our hope is that this site saves you time and money, and that you come away thinking about film – and the film industry – from a slightly different perspective.

Our goal is to convince you, the consumer, that you deserve better from Hollywood…




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